Privileged cruising is the ideal way to discover the beautiful surroundings of Koh Samui. You can set up your own sailing program or you let us advise you to sail to the most stunning and surprising beaches or places on KohPhangan that you can only reach by boat.

We can take you to discover the beautiful and worldwide renowned Angthong Marine Park with more than 40 islands and untouched nature. Climbing mountings, visiting the interior lake, snorkelling are some of the activities in the Marine Park. We suggest to do it on 2 days with a night at anchor in front of one of the fabulous beaches.

Koh Tao should also be visited in 2 days with its famous diving sites. Our boat Aello is equipped with diving equipment for 4 divers to make it possible to explore the unique underwater world and sea life around Koh Tao with a visibility up to 25 m in the clear water. Diving is very comfortable and easy for experienced divers or for first dives. Please refer to the diving page.

There are almost no limits of where and what you can experience with a private charter trip for you and your family or your friends.