Les croisières de plusieurs jours vont vous permettre de découvrir les autres îles magnifiques de l'archipel de Koh Samui, à savoir Koh Phangan, Koh Tao ou le parc national de Ang Thong.

Vous aurez le temps de profiter de fabuleux couchers de soleil en buvant un bon verre de vin, de vous réveiller le matin sur une plage de sable blanc et de profiter pleinement de tout les avantages qu'offre une nuit à l'ancre.

Vous pouvez mettre en place votre propre programme de navigation ou nous pouvons vous conseiller les plages les plus isolées de l'archipel de Koh Phangan que vous ne pouvez atteindre qu'en bateau.

Nous pouvons vous emmener à la découverte du magnifique et renommé parc national d'Ang Thong avec ses plus de 40 îles et une nature intacte. Nous suggérons de le faire sur 2 jours minimum avec une nuit minimum à l'ancre en face de l'une des plages les plus isolées.

Koh Tao peut également être visité avec ses célèbres sites de plongée.

Pour ses croisières, nous offrons des excursions tout compris jusqu'à 4 personnes dans deux cabines double ou notre package de location de bateau sans équipage pour un maximum de 6 personnes avec le skipper à bord.

Prix (en THB)

Tour Tout compris

Location avec skipper*

4 invités 2-3 invités jusqu'à 6 invités
2 jours / 1 nuit 95.000 90.000 n/a
3 jours / 2 nuits 135.000 120.000 110.000
4 jours / 3 nuits 175.000 150.000 135.000
5 jours / 4 nuits 205.000 180.000 160.000
6 jours / 5 nuits 240.000 200.000 185.000
7 jours / 6 nuits 270.000 225.000 210.000

 * Location avec skipper

You can sail by yourself and/or take along your own approved guest skipper. To ensure your safety and comfort, this is done only with a locally approved, Thailand-licensed skipper who knows Thailand’s and Koh Samui’s waters, tides, weather conditions, local regulations and have the key contacts. With such a Skipper, you can customize your entire trip, including choosing or creating:

  • Your own, self-designed charter sailing plan – make it on a day-by-day basis: what to do, where to go, how and where you spend your relaxing leisure time

  • Sailing and diving locations – select spontaneously from many secluded sailing, swimming, diving and snorkelling spots where you’ll anchor in private, undisturbed

  • Visits to local attractions – see the shores and different areas of lovely Koh Samui; nearby islands Koh Tao, Koh Phangan; and, the unique, beautiful Ang Thong National Marine Park area, with its varied, dream-like islands

  • Your group’s on-going schedule – design your complete holiday, as you go, aboard your own floating vacation home.

The local skipper is there to help you:

  • He can stay aboard to keep the required anchor watch, and order a land taxi for you, at local prices. Then, your Guest Skipper can accompany you for lunch or dinner at one of our recommended restaurants. You’ll relax, knowing the boat and your possessions are secure.

  • Our Captain knows where to fuel the boat and many more ways to keep you in total comfort while on boad AELLO.

The following are INCLUDED, in addition to Tips & Tricks, in the SY BAREBOAT CHARTER:

After 13:00, feel free to bring your luggage to us, and you have time to go shopping. At 14:00 AELLO is ready for boarding. Return of the boat on the last day of the cruise is required no later than 10:00

You do not need to refill the fuel used for main engines, generators, water maker, dive compressor and power generation; we charge a simple flat rate of THB 1,000 per day – because refuelling diesel is not everywhere possible in the area. The final cleaning is done by our team assuming our customers follow good seamanship basics.

  • Also included: Liability and Boat insurance – no security deposit required!

  • A local and responsible Thailand licensed captain of AELLO YACHTING Co Ltd is always on board – ready to help.

  • Offer includes use of Dinghy with outboard engine, bed linens & all mooring costs.